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Just starting conversation.

So how does everyone like elfwood since the merge? I really didn't like that he (thomas) got rid of the leafy background at first but I went back and looked at a screenshot I'd saved of the old elfwood the other day... the gray is much much better. More clean and pleasant- you can give more attention to the pictures rather than the background. What do you guys think?
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I think the neutral background is great. The old background detracted somewhat from the images, not only due to the pattern, but because of the color. I think they did a really good job with the merger all around, and like that the artwork is more consolidated now.

It's also quite nice not to be so far out in the boonies, now that they've increased the number of galleries per section and started deleted inactive accounts. I much prefer my gallery being in the 200's rather than being out where it was. ;-)