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So, I've never actually attended a Con before. But I'm quite likely going to Foolscap this year. It's the last weekend of September, I believe, and is going to be held in Bellevue, WA. (That's across the lake from Seattle.)

This particular one is supposed to focus on writing and art ("flat things"), so it sounded rather neat. Anyone else going?
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How was Foolscap? I keep thinking of attending, or entering their art show, but between the price and not hearing any reviews, I keep skipping it....
It was a very very small art show, though the things there were of good quality (predictably, as it was/is a juried show).

I don't think it's a very good selling Con for the area though. I haven't been back since that time two years ago (maybe more). Rustycon is much better for sales, despite it being a smaller Con.
Interesting. I had such a horrible time at Rustycon last year (in general, I didn't enter the art show) that I was thinking of skipping it altogether this year, but maybe I should put it back on the list.